Brokerage Solutions

Business Finders

Credit Financier Invest Sal Business Finders system which is also known as BFs Program, acts as a great opportunity for individual or corporate introducers who are interested in growing their own business by referring or introducing customers to Credit Financier Invest Sal and earning referral fees or commissions from their customers trading activity. Agents or companies with connections who are already trading or might be even interested in trading the financial markets can become profitable Business Finders or BFs.

Credit Financier Invest Sal strives to establish a mutually profitable partnership that allows CFI to serve Business Finders clients professionally while offering excellent service, execution and compensation rewards.

CFI’s experts have years of extensive experience providing solutions to the precise needs of Business Finders. As a CFI Business Finder, you will have an assigned Account Manager to assist you in developing your business, servicing you and making sure that all your clients’ needs are met.

BFs will just have to introduce clients to Credit Financier Invest Sal in order to get compensated. On the other hand, CFI will handle all the administrative hassle and take care of the technical back-end for its BFs. The BF program gives members the ability to fully concentrate on growing their business.

Brokerage Solutions

Credit Financier Invest Sal and in partnership with its International Partners offers Banks, Financial Institutions, Brokers or ‘wannabe’ Brokers a complete solution starting with technology and platforms up to Financial Marketing and Training. Credit Financier Invest Sal can assist "wannabe" or established brokers in company formation, licensing, training, hiring, structuring, banking, etc…

We are leading experts in establishing:

- White Labels: A solution that enables entities to have their own fully branded trading tools and solutions.
- Live Feeds: Live worldwide pricing and newsfeed. Feeds can be used in platforms or on websites.
- Platforms: MT5 Desktops, Web or Mobile (Android, IOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry)
- Liquidity: Omnibus or Clearing relationships can be provided for different volume sizes.
- Bridges: Reliable bridges that provide connectivity between MetaTrader5 and interbank pools.
- Financial Marketing: Tools to boost corporate presence like websites, social media, marketing planning, branding, etc..

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