A Guide to Cyber Crime and Online Safety

Cybercrimes are important fact crimes which can are directed towards computers, laptops, mobile, and personal accounts at any website and these devices or accounts are integral to an offence.

Cybercrime has many types like hacking, online scams and fraud, identity theft, attacks on computer systems and illegal online contents

You must always protect yourself by considering the below:

• Make sure before opening any suspicious attachments (i.e. «.exe», «.cox», «.com», «.dll», «.scr», «.pif», «.shs », «.dif», «.vbs», «.bat»
• Scan all USB when applied to your network
• Apply intrusion system prevention and firewall
• Lock your PC when you are away
• Never use any public PC to login your accounts at CFI or any personal bank accounts
For more info about CYBER Crime, please check out the manual