Fund Your Account

Depositing funds at Credit Financier Invest Sal is Secure & Fast!

CFI offers different methods for depositing funds quickly and easily. Clients are always free to withdraw their funds at any time. Learn more about our appropriate funding methods by clicking on one of the options below.

Local Wire Transfer

A local wire transfer or bank deposit is one of the fastest and highly secure ways to transfer money from your account to that of Credit Financier Invest Sal Click Here to download a list of detailed instruction.

International Wire Transfer

Wiring funds is a fast way to make a deposit into your Credit Financier Invest trading account, especially if you are sending funds from overseas. Click Here to download a list of detailed instruction.

Funding through Pinpay

You can now fund your CFI Account by entering your CFI Account Number through Pinpay, this service is available to Bank Audi and BankMed customers. Please Click Here to register, or you can download the Guide.

Funding via Credit Cards

The online payment is powered by NetCommerce Secure Payment Gateway. NetCommerce provides online Credit Card payment processing for Visa and Master Card credit cards over its 128-bit SSL secure connection channel.

After each payment, NetCommerce displays a confirmation / denial page in a popup window stating the payment result. Make sure your popup blocker is disabled for this purpose.

After completing step 2, you will be redirected to NetCommerces Secure Payment Page where you will key-in your credit card information and submit the order for processing.

Funding via Cheques

You may address a checque in name of Credit Financier Invest Sal and it will be entered in your account once collected in the bank.

If Cheque Bancaire , it will be entered directly into your account.